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Dessert Bars:

Decadence in the palm of your hand...
Dessert Bars for Any Occasion

-Lemon Bars               
-Oat Walnut Chocolate Caramel Bar                                  -Knock You Naked (loads of caramel with chocolatey goodness!)                                                                                -Reese's Cream Cheese Bar                                                             -Sea Salt Caramel Bar                                                             -Peanut Butter Cup Bar                                                              -S'mores Bar                                                                                  -Pecan Pie Bar                                                                               -Death By Caramel Bar                                                            -Blueberry Pie Bar                                                             -Butterfinger Bar                                                                       -Creamy Pecan Cheesecake Bar                                       -Chocolate Caramel Shortbread Bar                                 -Raspberry Shortbread Bar                                                 -Apple Cinnamon Streusel Bar                                            -Dark Chocolatey Walnut Scrumptious Bar                 -Walnut Chocolate Mud                                                          -Coconut Macaroons (As Seen On Rachel Ray!)           -Cream Cheese Frosted Pumpkin Bars with or without walnuts Our                                                                               Ooey Gooey Line Includes:                                                      Lemon                                                                                              Toffee                                                                                             Coconut                                                                               Pumpkin                                                                                    Apple Spice                                                                                      Oreo                                                                                              Pineapple                                                                                   Blackberry                                                                               Cinnamon Peach                                                                        Cherry

$3.25 each square
(approximately 3"x3"squares)

Flavors change seasonally!
** Dessert Bars may not be suitable for shipping as most require refrigeration.

Dessert Bars

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